Canada Old Age Pension May 2024 – OAS Payment Dates, Amount, Eligibility

The social safety net in Canada would not be complete without the Old Age Security (OAS) program. Seniors 65 years of age and above who satisfy the residency and income requirements receive a monthly payment. Seniors can now plan their financial futures in accordance with the Canada Old Age Pension May 2024 which is being run by Canadian Government. Only those who qualify as per Old Age Security Eligibility Criteria 2024 will get these benefits. The Canadian government states that starting in 2024, all the beneficiaries will start receiving the benefits as per OAS Payment Dates 2024. This blog post makes you familiar with this plan that makes the Canadian senior citizen’s life easier. 

Canada Old Age Pension May 2024 - OAS Payment Dates, Amount, Eligibility

Canada Old Age Pension May 2024

Seniors who meet the eligibility criteria in Canada receive a monthly benefit called Old Age Security (OAS) once they reach the age of 65 or older. For many retirees, it is their primary source of income in addition to personal savings and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). On the other hand, there’s a lot of misunderstanding and false information regarding OAS compensation and how it varies over time. The OAS pension will rise by 10% for seniors 75 years of age and above beginning in July 2022, the Canadian government announced in July 2021. 

This implies that over the first year, full pensioners who are 75 years of age or older will receive more than $800 more. In August 2021, the government also announced that seniors who are or will be 75 years of age or older by June 2022 would receive a $500 one-time payment under Canada Old Age Pension May 2024. The government is committed to supporting seniors and assisting them in adjusting to the growing cost of living, and this includes these measures. Every three months, the OAS pension is also adjusted for inflation, meaning that its value fluctuates in accordance with shifts in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The maximum monthly OAS pension amount for seniors 65 to 74 years of age and seniors 75 years of age and above is $713.34. 

Canada OAS Pension Amount 2024

Article Name Canada Old Age Pension 
Name Of CountryCanada 
Beneficiaries Senior Citizens 
Canada OAS Pension Amount 2024$713 Monthly
Date Issue For May 29th May 2024
CategoryFinancial News
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OAS Payment Dates 2024

The government determines the OAS payment dates, which are typically paid during the final week of each month, The following are the OAS Payment Dates 2024:

Name Of MonthOAS Payment Dates 2024

Old Age Security Eligibility Criteria 2024

Read the Old Age Security Eligibility Criteria 2024 in the points below.

  • To qualify, individuals must be aged 65 or above. 
  • They need to hold Canadian citizenship or lawful permanent residency, having maintained this status for a minimum of ten years after turning eighteen. 
  • For those residing outside of Canada, eligibility requires prior Canadian citizenship or residency, along with a residency period of atleast twenty years after reaching adulthood. 
  • There are few more circumstances in which you might qualify for the OAS, for instance, if you have resided in a nation with which Canada has social security agreements. 

Benefits Of Canada Old Age Pension Payment 2024

You can employ the following tactics to optimize the advantages of your OAS:

Between the ages of 65 and 70, you can decide when to begin receiving your OAS pension. Your OAS pension will increase by a greater amount for each month that you choose to postpone receiving it. For instance, you will receive 36% more in your OAS pension if you start at the age of 70. You might be qualified for additional benefits like the Allowance, the Survivors Allowance or the Guaranteed Income Supplement. If your income is low then these benefits which come with no clawback, give yo a monthly payment in addition to your OAS pension. Nevertheless, you must apply for these benefits independently of your OAS pension, and you must apply annually.  

Should your income surpass a specific threshold, you may be liable to a recovery tax or clawback on your OAS pension. The clawback is applicable in 2023, if your income surpasses $21,761. You can minimize your income by splitting it with your spouse or common law partner, or by using tax efficient savings accounts like RRSPsand TFSPs clawbacks. To know more in detail about these you have to click on it’s website which is 

FAQs On Canada Old Age Pension May 2024

Who is qualified to receive this OAS Pension 2024?

The Canadian senior citizens are eligible for this program. 

Does the OAS pension come with extra benefits?

Yes, it comes with Extra Payment and Benefits.

Which official portal gives you complete detail related to this?

For more details go on it’s official website which is

What is the monthly pension payment from OAS?

The maximum monthly OAS pension payment for qualified individuals is $615.37 as of May 2024. 

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