Fact Checking Policy

At Our Website PTETRAJ2021.COM, We are dedicated to provide accurate and trustworthy information for our users. To Keep with our commitment, we have a strong Fact Checking Process which we follow duly while delivering the information. Kindly go through the below sections to know about different processes that are followed before publishing the content.

Accuracy Of the Content

We want to assure you that the details and information available on our blog is correct and reliable. It is collected from reliable sources. Moreover, Claims, Stats, Number & Statements are thoroughly verified before publishing the content.

Multiple Sources For Information

Before publishing the content, we seek information from various reliable sources such News Publishers, official Websites to remove all the incorrect facts and to provide reliable information to our readers. This also helps us in removing all the misinformation and make us free from all the bias.

Primary Sources For Information

Our Primary Sources of Information include official websites of the authorities, statements by the officials from authorities and Interviews given by Experts. Apart from this, other reliable sources such as Newspapers and Magazines are considered while making the content.

Attribution To The Sources

Since all the information is collected from reliable sources therefore, we provide credits to all the individuals and sources. This helps the readers to check the source and authenticity of the information.

Information On Time

Each information given on our website is timely and no delay is done from our side so the value of information does not become less. If we are unable to provide the correct information or fact checking of the content within stipulated time then we do not publish the content.

Corrections & Updation Of Content

We update our content on a daily basis and if any error is noted from our side then the corrections are done immediately on an urgent basis. No delay is done in correction and readers are prompted regularly about the changes done in the content.

Regular Improvement

We are striving to improve continuously based on the Comments, Feedback from Readers, Best Practices and Honesty. In the daily events, all of you will receive the best information available among all the sources.

Transparency In Information

We strive to provide accurate and transparent information to the readers. If there is any mistake noted after publishing then immediately changes are made in the said section. All the information about the sources, Fact Checking are available on our website for our readers. You can reach out on our email for correction or clarification.

Editor Training and Accountability

Our Editors, Publishers and other Team Members go regularly on Training Sessions where ethics and fact checking policy is promoted. Editors are accountable and responsible for correct information and providing accurate details. Editors also ensure that the content matches the policies in Fact Checking.

Independence to Editors

Our Editors, Publishers and other team members are always active and stay outside of any external influence. Complete information along with Facts is presented for our readers. Our Fact Checking Policy protects the Editor’s Independence. We do not get influenced by the Advertisers or Sponsors.